Zzyzx Oasis Pistachio Grove

About Zzyzx Oasis

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Pond and Herbs Zzyzx Oasis Pistachio Grove is family owned & operated, by Justin and Brandy Zzyzx. Off the 15 freeway, halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in the fertile agricultural area of Newberry Springs. Though in the heart of California’s High Desert, this area is situated in the basin of a Prehistoric Dry Lake bed that has since sunk underground. This aquifer under Zzyzx Oasis Pistachio Grove is the same one that provides water to Lake Arrowhead and Southern California. The pistachio trees benefit from the cold winters and hot, arid summers that mimic the weather of the pistachio tree’s native Turkey and Iran. These temperatures are ideal for growing pistachios, and gives nuts from this region of California a signature milder, almost sweet taste that is different from those grown more north in the San Joaquin Valley.