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Que – The Stray Here to Stay

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Que as a Stray

Que as stray dog, March 2014

Early this (2014) April, one of the many semi-stray desert dogs starting hanging around outside our fence. I had seen this particular stray out and about for several months; she would often try to sneak into our yard to drink from our pond when our fence was left open… but she always ran away whenever anyone came near. However, sometime around the first week of April, she started to warm up to us, and would even come over to play with our other dog, Rocky. She started eating here, and in the evenings it became increasingly hard to get her to go “home”.

Que, waiting to come inside the fence

Que, waiting to come inside the fence

I use the term home loosely, because she didn’t actually have real home or owner. Instead, our neighbors up the street fed her, along with their other 3 dogs. Recently, the neighbors, who were a couple, split up. The women, took the 3 dogs and moved out, leaving Que behind. This is when she started coming to our house down the street, and eventually not going home. On 2 occasions I drove her up to our neighbors house, but she would be back down, waiting for me at the fence before I even got home. So we decided to keep her.

Que was pretty skinny when we started feeding her, so when she began to put on weight, I wasn’t concerned… but after a couple weeks, we began to suspect she was pregnant. A quick trip to the town to visit the vet, and sure enough Que was indeed pregnant! 10 days after that vet visit, on Cinco de Mayo, Que gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. 3 boys and 5 girls.

We intend on finding homes for all the puppies, and plan on keeping Que and her first born here at Zzyzx Oasis, as farm dogs. The others will be available for adoption starting 4th of July weekend! (Contact Justin at FortySevenPress(at)gmail.com for adoption info and puppy reservations)

Que Public Photo Album on FacebookPuppy First Week Public Photo Album on FacebookPuppy Second Week Public Photo Album on Facebook

If you want to help out with the care of Que and her 8 puppies, we are accepting donations via Paypal, Credit Card, or DogeCoin. All money will be used for food, supplies, and vet costs. Thank-You!

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